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The Full Story


Canberra Nosework Training is a dog training business in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) specialising in training your regular pet dog to become a scent detection dog. The sport was first started in the US by the founders of National Association of Canine Scent Work® (NACSW™) in the mid 1980’s for virtually all dogs and people. The founders, through their extensive experience working in professional canine detection, developed K9 NOSE WORK® methodology.
John Sam is the founder and trainer of Canberra Nosework Training. He is a qualified Canine Behaviour Practitioner and a Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI™) with NACSW™. 
There are two main methods used to teach Nosework. The targeting approach and the K9 NOSE WORK® method. In the targeting approach, the dog is presented with the target odour(s) and reward is given when the dog's nose touches the container containing the target odour. I have used both methods to train dogs. Both methods will work, but I found that K9 NOSE WORK® methodology is more rewarding, fun and therapeutic for the dogs.
In K9 NOSE WORK® we start with getting your dog excited about using his/her nose to seek out a favourite toy or food hidden in one of several boxes, expanding the game to entire rooms, exterior areas, and vehicles. As your dog grows more confident with his/her nose, target odours are introduced, and competition skills are taught.
This activity is FUN and rewarding for all dogs and their people. It is easy to learn, helps build confidence and focus in many dogs, and along the way build that special relationship and bond with your canine friends. Nosework is ideal for shy or reactive dogs because only one dog works at a time, while the other dogs are kept away from the working area.
There is a lots of literature on why scenting activity has therapeutic benefits for dogs. In K9 NOSE WORK®, we give our dogs control and the opportunity to hunt. This ability to hunt activates their SEEKING system which has so much healing benefits.

Our philosophy

The K9NW philosophy is to embrace the journey and enjoy every moment of learning with your dog. 

Dogs perform best and are the most joyful when we allow them to learn on their terms. They are happiest using their natural abilities, especially their amazing olfactory sense. The human-canine bond deepens when dog handlers expand their understanding of canine communication. This is accomplished by carefully observing dogs as they independently seek odor sources in their environment. These odors can be primary reward scents or target scents the dog has been trained on.

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